Reclaim a calmer, happier you

Learn simple but powerful tools to help you slow life down & find calm at your deepest level. Take classes to reframe negative thoughts to make your journey towards becoming a mother a little easier & happier.

In this four-week Yoga for Fertility course you will learn:

Breathing Techniques

Breathing techniques that reduce anxiety and stress and help you to find calm when you need it most

Fertility Yoga Poses


Gentle & restorative Hatha yoga classes bringing a greater blood supply to the reproductive organs & balancing fertility hormones.

Mindset Discussions



Mindset discussion classes about how you can reframe your thoughts to balance negative emotions with a more positive headspace.

How Yoga for Fertility has helped other women just like you

“With the risk of sounding over the top this course has actually been life-changing. The combination of yoga and sharing experiences has helped me put a lot of things into perspective and provided much-needed support during an emotional time.”

“ I had been struggling to deal with two miscarriages and was feeling angry at my body, but I didn’t even realise it at the time. This course set me on a journey and gave me tools to build into everyday life, teaching me the power of being kind to myself. ”

“ If there was one word to describe this course it would be EMPOWERED. The breathing techniques calm the mind, the gentle yoga moves to awaken the reproductive organs, and the supportive and caring environment created by Melinda makes you feel welcome right from the start. ”

“ In the traffic jam chaos and noise of medical opinions, information overload & friends and family opinions, this course was a safe haven.  A private, self-care getaway that I was able to whisk myself off to, breathe in hope, and take home a lot of useful tools. ”