Online Fertility Coaching

How coaching works

Coaching for Fertility helps you to carry on the journey you have already begun when you took part in the 4 week Online Yoga for Fertility Course. It comprises of four, 1 hour, one-on-one video calls with me, where we discuss the key issues concerning you and create goals and strategies to help you.

If you are interested in personal coaching then contact me to find out more.

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Is Fertility Coaching for you?

Fertility treatments and natural fertility can be tough to navigate. At times it can feel like we are out of control, we loose faith in ourselves and the whole process can feel overwhelming and all consuming.

Coaching enables you to speak about the issues that are confronting you and creates goals and strategies to help you deal with some of the more challenging aspects of your fertility journey.

Learning practical skills

Creating a clear plan to assist you with the ups and downs of this key time in your life can help to empower you, enabling you to reclaim a calmer, happier you as you travel this path towards becoming a mother.

In your Fertility Coaching sessions you will be given practical skills to keep you positive, centred and grounded so that you are emotionally supported throughout your fertility journey, whether you are trying naturally, doing herbs or acupuncture, an IVF cycle or other Assisted Reproductive Therapies.

In our coaching session we will:

· Talk about your story
· Look at your beliefs and patterns
· Develop strategies to help harness fear
· Create affirmations to reframe negative thinking
· Discuss how friends and family can best support you
· Look at ways to support & nourish your relationship
· Empower you to trust your inner wisdom when making difficult decisions
· Explore ways in which you can live life with more comfort and ease

Less is more

Most of my clients are women who have worked hard to achieve all they have in their professional lives. It is therefore natural to want to approach fertility challenges in the same way.

Having worked with many women over the years I have found that ‘working hard’ often doesn’t bring the desired results of that longed for child. Instead we will spend time not working hard, but learning how to slow down and do less, to really understand what’s going on at your deepest level.

When you slow down and take time with yourself you learn to listen to what is really going on inside. You are able to understand who you really are, not who you’ve been conditioned to be, and how by softening and opening your heart you are able to heal.